Causes of Freckles on Skin | What Causes Freckles Disease

What Causes Freckles:

Freckles are caused by a number of factors; some of them avoidable while others are not. Here are some of the major reasons why a fair-skinned individual might find himself with small brown or tan dots on his nose or cheeks:

  • One of the factors that are often pointed out when it comes to developing freckles is skin type, which is often acquired through heredity.
    This is why having freckles is often considered a genetic problem. This genetic tendency to develop freckles combined with exposure to the sun is what makes some people have these spots. It has also been seen that children who have parents who are prone to freckles often end up having freckles themselves, whether or not they get too much sun exposure.
  • One rare cause of freckles in people is a rare disease that goes by the name of xeroderma pigmentosum. This rare disease brings out numerous freckles on the skin of dark haired individuals.
  • Another rare disease that can be blamed for a freckle outbreak on a person’s skin is neurofibromatosis. This is a problem where individuals have freckles in regions of their body that do not usually get hit by the sun like in the skin folds that are found in a person’s underarms.

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