Freckles On Lips Home Remedies: Causes & How To Get Rid Of It?

Freckles are common on skin surface. They are flat dark brown spots on skin occurring as a result of uneven distribution of melanin pigments. They are tiny spots approximately the size of matchstick head. Freckles develop on the sun exposed area of skin. Face, shoulders, chest, hands and neck are the usual sites for freckles to develop.

However, many may have them on lips as well.

The lip skin is similar to rest of the skin on face, aside from being soft. Majority of cases have hereditary tendency for development of freckles. People with fair skin are more vulnerable to develop them. Freckles on lips are harmless benign lesions. However, there are many who feel annoyed with these unattractive spots, especially when they appear in multiple.

What Causes Freckles On Your Lips?

Freckles on lip and elsewhere on the body develop due to over exposure to sun. When the skin is exposed to UV rays of sun, melanin pigments are produced at faster pace.

It is a natural defense system of the body to stave of skin burn from too much sunlight. The pigments in normal circumstances get distributed evenly all over the skin. However, sometime the melanin pigments behave abnormally with uneven distribution. They cluster together on one spot on the area to form freckles.

Freckles has hereditary trait. If your father or mother has freckles, you are likely to have them. Just like any other exposed part, lips are also vulnerable to develop freckles if it is exposed to sun light for a long period of time.

Freckles are commonly seen among fair individuals. It can develop at any age. They tend to increase in younger age group. Often freckles become dark when exposed to sunlight and they tend to fade in winter months. Some people may have freckles throughout the year. There may be a solitary lesion or multiple spots on the lip. It may form on one or both the lip.

How To Get Rid Of Freckles On Lips?

Freckles on lip are harmless skin lesions; however you should ensure the same by consulting a dermatologist. Many people may like them for its unique look. There are others who may feel annoyed as they consider them to be unattractive. Several options are available to remove freckles. They can be removed either with the help of dermatological procedures or natural home remedies.

  • Laser treatment: Freckles removal with the help of laser is nowadays preferred option among many. Laser is highly effective in treating freckles due to their penetrating properties. Usually the removal is done in one or two sessions. Laser treatment is effective in fair as well as dark individuals. While lightening cream usually fades the spots, laser is able to get rid of freckles completely.
  • Chemical peel: Chemical peel involves sets of chemical that are known to peel away the skin. Chemicals used for superficial peel are different from those that are used to deeper peel procedures. Both are effective although the time period for its improvement may vary.
  • Bleaching cream: Bleaching creams are available to lighten freckles. These creams are applied locally on the lip over a period of time to reduce the dark spots on lip.

Home Remedies To Fade Freckles On Lips

Many prefer to opt for natural treatment as everyone cannot afford the expensive cosmetic procedures.

  • Milk is considered to be a natural whitening agent. Lactic acid present in milk acts on freckles to make them lighter after regular application.
  • Lemon has natural bleaching properties. Rub some amount of lemon juice and let it remain on lips for few minutes. Wash your lips with warm water. Following the procedure regularly will help to fade the spots within few months.
  • Take two teaspoon of honey and mix it with wheat germ. Apply the mixture on freckles present on lips. Let it remain for 15 minutes before you wash your lips with warm water. Apply a moisturizer after you pat dry your lips.

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