Preventing Freckles | Prevent and Control Freckles Skin Spots

Freckles Prevention Measures:

When you are trying to prevent freckles from darkening or when you want to reduce the incidence of freckles on your skin, the preventive measures you need to follow are those that help keep the sun from doing just that. Here are some tips on how to prevent an increase in the number of freckles you have or in their darkening:

  • Stay out of the sun when you can.
    Since freckles are caused by the sun’s rays, keeping your skin from being hit by the sun will help you avoid getting more freckles or having your freckles darken further.
  • When you cannot avoid going out in the sun, wear clothing that can protect your skin from exposure to the sunlight. Of course, if you are fond of wearing skin-baring clothing, try to protect your skin by wearing sunblock. For your face, wear powder or makeup that can protect your skin as well. Look for makeup that has a high SPF rating to help keep the harmful rays of the sun from creating freckles on your face or darkening the ones that are already there.
  • Other items that can protect your skin from being hit by the sun’s rays include broad brimmed hats, sun visors and umbrellas.

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