Symptoms of Freckles Disease | Sunburn, Simple Freckles Signs

Freckles Signs:

What are the symptoms of freckles and how can one determine that they do have freckles? Since freckles are not actually a disease but are simply skin pigmentation problems that are caused by heredity, race, and skin tone along with sun exposure, the main symptom of freckles is the spotting of your skin.

  • The spots that you see on your skin can be dark, reddish, or tan, depending on the kind of freckles your skin creates. Since freckles are the result of the production of melanin in parts of your skin that is exposed to sunlight, these dots are the only real symptoms that freckles have.
  • These spots can appear as small, pinhead- or nailhead-sized dots that are seen on your face and other parts of your upper body. These are the simple freckles. If you have sunburn freckles, you can expect to see spots that are darker and bigger and have ragged edges instead of the smooth edges that simple freckles have.
    These are seen mostly on a person’s back and in other areas where a person might get a sunburn.
  • Those who have freckles that are caused by xeroderma pigmentosum may experience certain symptoms like eye irritation and even extreme sunburn when exposed to sunlight for certain lengths of time. This is why people with this disorder are often kept out of the sun.

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