What Causes Fungal Skin Infection | Causes of Fungus Skin Infection

Fungal Infections Causes:

There are a few reasons why a person may get fungal infections in certain parts of the body. Some people are more prone to skin fungal infections than they are of getting nail fungal infections. Here are some reasons that have been cited for causing fungal infections:

  • One of the main reasons why a person may develop certain fungal infections is because the parts of their skin that is infected have conditions that are perfect for fungal growth. An example of this is the space between your toes. If you do not do something to keep the space between your toes clean and dry, you are prone to developing athlete’s foot since fungi thrive in warm and moist areas. Other parts of the body that can be considered perfect breeding grounds for fungus include a woman’s genital area , the folds of the skin, and on your scalp.
  • Some people who have certain medical problems like diabetes and certain cancers are more susceptible to developing fungal infections than others due to the lowered resistance that they have to these fungi.
  • Heredity also plays a role in getting fungal infections. Some people who have parents that are prone to fungal infections find that they too have the same fate.
  • Fungal infections are actually contagious and can be transferred from one person to another as long as the conditions for growing the fungi are right.

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