Natural Treatment for Fungal Skin Infection | Treating Fungus on Skin

Fungal Infections Home Remedies:

What can a person do to treat these fungal infections from the comfort and safety of their own home? What home remedies are effective in treating problems with fungal infections? Here are some home remedies you might want to try for some of the fungal infections you might have problems with:

  • You can easily treat fungal infections on your feet with apple cider vinegar or vinegar you find.
    The acidity in vinegar can kill off any fungal growth that is found on your feet. Simply add some vinegar to a wash basin filled with a gallon of water. The ratio of water to vinegar is one gallon of water to half a cup of vinegar. Soak your feet in this mixture for half an hour. Repeat this procedure two times in one day.
  • Vinegar and water can also be used for yeast infections. Just mix together a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and a liter of warm water. Use this mixture to wash your genital area. Rinse off with clean water afterwards.
  • To help remove nail fungus or athlete’s foot, you can use certain essential oils dropped on your nails or under your nails with the use of a dropper before going to bed.
    The essential oils you can use for this includes tea tree oil, garlic oil, lavender oil, or oregano oil.

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