Prevent Fungal Infection | Preventing Fungal Growth on Skin

Fungal Infections Prevention Measures:

Preventing the growth of fungus on any part of your body can be done by following some preventive measures that are easy to do. These are practical applications that include changes in hygienic habits and in how you live your life.

  • To prevent athlete’s foot, you should not share socks or borrow someone else’s shoes.
    Since fungal infections can be transmitted or is contagious, wearing the socks of someone who has fungal infections or wearing their shoes can cause you to get these fungal problems as well.
  • Keep your hands and feet dry and clean whenever possible. Since fungus live living in places that are moist and warm, drying off your feet well before wearing socks or shoes can help prevent growth of fungus there. You should also try to put talcum powder in between your toes to help prevent moisture from building up there. Baking soda is also a good remedy to use for keeping the spaces between your toes dry.
  • Always keep your skin clean and healthy by bathing regularly and using fresh towels that you alone use when you bathe.
    Use soap that can kill fungi like disinfectant soap when you bathe.
  • When in public areas, like public pools and restrooms or gyms, don’t walk around barefoot. Always bring your own flip-flops, and do not borrow someone else’s as they might have fungal infections you might not know of.

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