Natural Treatment for Lip Fungus: Symptoms of Fungal Infection on Lips

Lip fungus usually occurs in persons who have a low immunity level. Fungal infection is an opportunistic infection prominently affecting those individuals whose immune system is in a compromised state.

Lip fungus is normally caused due to Candida yeast. Generally Candida albicans are associated with genital fungal infection, but at times they can also affect the oral cavity and lips.

The other lip fungus is monilia albicans which causes a condition called moniliasis. It generally affects the mouth and the inner part of the lip. Moniliasis is commonly observed in babies and the common name for the condition is thrush.

Symptoms Of Fungal Infection On Lips

Clinically, lip fungus can be observed in following forms:

  • Angular cheilitis is the most common of all oral fungal infection. It is caused by candida albicans yeast. You may find red cracks on the corners of the mouth with a pseudo-membrane coating. Often it needs to be distinguished with similar conditions such as vitamin B6 deficiency, exposure to the sun, trauma due to ill fitting dentures.
  • In moniliasis or thrush there is a rough white coating in the oral cavity and on the inner side of the lips.

Some of the common symptoms associated with Lip fungus include,

  • Small white thick plaques in the mouth and corner of the lips.
  • The plaques look similar to curd milk.
  • When the white plaque is scrapped, it bleeds and gives rise to erosion.
  • Pain and swelling on the lips. Often the pain is burning.
  • Generalized weakness.
  • Decreased appetite.
  • There is irresistible craving for sugar and sweets.

Causes Of Lip Fungus

Most common causes associated with lip fungus include,

  • Compromised immune system due to systemic disease such as cancer, diabetes mellitus etc.
  • Antibiotics and corticosteroids therapy.
  • Vitamin deficiency and iron deficiency.
  • Malnutrition.
  • Alcohol, tobacco and ill fitting dentures.

As with other fungus diseases, lip fungus is also contagious. The risk increases many folds when the individual’s immunity is low. If such as person comes in contact with another person suffering from the disease, or uses the same dinning articles, the chances of contracting lip fungus and oral fungus increases.

Home Remedies To Treat Lip Fungus Naturally

In normal circumstances, lip fungus is rare entity. Partially it is because of the strong immune system of the body and due to constant licking of the lips by the saliva. Saliva contains mild anti bacterial property.

  • Avoid sugar in any form; it facilitates the growth of fungus.
  • Control of diabetes is very important to treat lip fungus infection.
  • The berberine compound found in goldenseal is an effective anti fungal agent. For this reason apply golden seal locally or consume it internally.
  • To treat lip fungus, apply tea tree oil on the affected lip. You will find the difference within few days after its application.
  • Mix milk and one teaspoon of lotus flower, take it once in a day for two weeks.
  • Avoid alcohol, processed foods, fruits and other fermented food that may contain yeast.

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