Nail Fungus Home Remedy: Tea Tree Oil Natural Cure For Nail Fungus

Nail fungus is a mild infection of the nail bed which is associated with slight discomfort and discoloration of the nail bed. Occasionally it may be associated with crumbling of the nails.

Though the condition is trivial, if not managed efficiently, it can further complicate and result in the spread of the infection beyond the nail bed.

Here are some simple home remedies, which have been found to be highly effective against nail fungus.

Home Remedy For Nail Fungus With Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is considered to be highly beneficial in management of nail fungus. Vinegar is a mild acid which kills the fungal growth around the nail bed.

  • To begin with soak your nails in a bowl of warm water containing equal proportion of apple cider vinegar
  • Soak the nail for about twenty minutes
  • Remove the affected nail and dry the nail thoroughly, either by using a dry towel or a hair dryer. Drying the nail is crucial to prevent further growth of fungi
  • While attempting to exfoliate skin around the nail, apply a cotton swab dipped in vinegar to the affected nail and then gradually try to exfoliate the skin.
    Don’t put too much pressure.

Tea Tree Oil Natural Cure For Nail Fungus

The benefits of tea tree oil are attributed to its ability as a natural fungicide and anti-septic, which helps fight fungal or bacterial infections. Here is how one can use tea tree oil to fight nail fungus

  • Mix a few drops of tea tree oil to olive oil or coconut oil and apply it on the affected nail using a cotton swab
  • Massaging the affected nail is critical to allow penetration of tea tree oil into the skin
  • In cases of mild to moderate infections, it is recommended that a mixture of olive oil, tea tree oil and thyme oil be applied locally. Keep the application on for about fifteen minutes. After this, gently scrub the affected nail using a tooth brush or a cotton swab. Avoid scrubbing too hard, as it may cause bleeding and further aid in the spread of the infection.

Nail Fungus Bleach Treatment

One of the traditionally used home remedy to treat nail fungus is bleach. Though, there is little evidence about its effectiveness and there is an increased risk of skin damage due to exposure to harsh chemicals, bleach continues to be used as a treatment option to manage nail fungus. Here are a few recommended steps of using bleach,

  • Diluting bleach is considered vital and it is not recommended to use concentrated bleach on the nail fungus as it may cause more damage than help
  • Add one table spoon of bleach to a bucket of water and soak the affected nail in it.
  • Clean the affected nail thoroughly after soaking it in bleach water for about 10-15 minutes

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