How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Toenail Fungus Infections?

Tea tree oil is a great boon to human beings. This essential oil is derived from steam distillation of tea tree leaves found in Australia. The tree is found in Australia and aboringes knew the medicinal value of its leaves since centuries. In recent times tea tree oil has gained attention all over the world because of its anti fungal and anti bacterial properties.

Toe nail fungus is quiet common ailment, and it accounts for about 50% of all nail infections. Toe nails fungus infection which is also known as onychomycosis, it is a stubborn nail fungus infection. Your toe nail becomes shriveled and ugly. In severe cases it gets detached from the nail bed, making it vulnerable to trauma and infection in absence of nail. It becomes difficult for you to wear shoes when you suffer from toe nail fungus. The surrounding skin around the nail becomes rough and tender, the toe looks unsightly. With all the mentioned sufferings a rapid cure can be obtained by applying tea tree oil for toenail fungus.

Tea tree oil for toe nail infection is as effective as prescription medicines.

Tea tree oil contains an ingredient called terpenoid. It is this compound which has anti septic and anti fungal properties which make tea tree oil a valued natural product to treat toe nail infection. Terpinen-4 found in tea tree oil kills the dermatophytes and Candida fungus that cause toe nail infection. Because of its antiseptic properties tea tree is also used in minor cuts and bruises, blisters and sunburns, dandruff and acne and other host of skin and nail infection.

How to use Tea Tree Oil for Toe Nail Fungus

To obtain optimal benefit, you should know how to use tea tree oil for toe nail fungus in a right manner.

First of all confirm that you are not allergic to tea tree oil. Test it on your inner side of fore arm. If there is no untoward reaction on the skin, you can start further application on your toe nails.

  • Take a cotton swab for applying tea tree oil.
  • Choose night time to apply it on your nail. However you can also apply it during day time as well as in the night.
  • Clean your toes and foot with fresh water and do not forget to dry your foot.
  • Dab the cotton swab with 2 to 3 tea tree oil drops.
  • Apply it on the inner and below the nail.
  • Apply enough quantity all over the nail so that it can get easily absorbed
  • Allow it to dry before retiring to bed.
  • Leave it overnight.
  • Follow this procedure regularly till you find considerable change in toe nail fungus.

You should avoid toe nail polish when you are applying tea tree oil. Regular application of the oil should be religiously followed. Keep patience as it will take 4 to 5 months for the condition to heal. Avoid wearing shoes or wear cotton socks if the need arises. Keep your toes and foot as dry as possible.

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