Causes Of Tinea Manuum: Risk Factors, Symptoms And Treatment

Tinea is ringworm or fungal infection which occurs on the top layer of the skin. The condition is typified by a circular, red rash with clear skin in the centre of the rash. It spreads via direct skin to skin contact with an infected individual or animal.

Tinea manuum is fungal infection of the hand. It is typically more aggressive and is characterized by burning, itching, redness, cracking, and scaling of the skin.

Mild cases respond well to anti-fungal topical medicines applied to the skin. For severe cases of infection, you need to take oral anti-fungal medicines for 5 to 6 weeks for complete resolution.

Causes And Risk Factors For Tinea Manuum

Tinea manuum is a highly infectious fungal disease caused by a mould like parasite which lives in the outer layer of the skin. It spreads via:

  • Human to human: Direct skin to skin contact with an infected individual causes infection.
  • Animal to human: When you touch an animal that has ringworm, it spreads – i.e. while petting or grooming pets – dogs, cats or cows.
  • Object to human: Touching objects which an infected person or animal has come in contact with – napkins, towels, clothing, bedding, and brushes triggers a spread of infection.
  • Soil to human: Ringworm may spread by contact with infected soil. Infection will occur from contact with highly infected soil for a protracted period of time.

You’re at high risk of developing ringworm if you:

  • Stay in a warm, moist environment.
  • Have a weak immune mechanism and catch infections easily.
  • Are in close contact with an infected person or pet.
  • Share clothes, towels, and bedding with someone who has ringworm.
  • If you take part in sports that comprises of skin to skin contact, like – wrestling.
  • When you wear tight clothes.

Signs And Symptoms Of Tinea Manuum

Ringworm characteristically commences as a flat scaly area on the skin; it’ll be red and itchy. This patch then develops a raised border which expands outwards, forming a circular ring. The outline of the ring is jagged, and resembles the wavy contour of a worm, hence the name. The centre of the ring is usually clear, scaly or marked with a few red bumps.

  • By and large, only a single hand is involved in the infection.
  • Occasionally, both hands may get affected too.
  • Characteristically, the palm as well as the back of hand gets affected.
  • The nails in the hand may also get infected.

Treatment Options For Tinea Manuum

  • Confer with your health care provider / dermatologist to assess your case; you will require prescription-strength anti-fungal drugs — creams and lotions to apply to the affected area.
  • If the infection is very severe, you will be given oral anti-fungal pills as well.
  • Also, alongside, take vitamin C supplements; vitamin C expedites the process of healing and battles the infection faster. Step up your intake of vitamin C rich foods – limes, lemons, mangoes, carrots, tomatoes and bell peppers.
  • What’s more, certain home remedies are beneficial too. They hasten cure and are free from any side effects.
  • Tea tree essential oil is an excellent natural remedy; it is a potent anti-fungal agent and will help deal with the infection quickly. Soak your hands in hot water to which few drops of tea tree oil have been added. Also, you can apply the neat tea tree oil and leave overnight for best results.