Preventing Genital Warts Infection | How to Prevent Genital Warts Disease

Genital Warts Prevention Measures:

  • The only possible way to prevent genital warts is to avoid skin-to-skin transmission of the virus through sexual activity. Here, one common advise that is dispensed is to refrain from any sexual activity if one is not sure about his or her partner’s state of health on whether the partner is free or infected with the virus.
  • On the other hand, if warts have already appeared, sexual contact should be avoided until the warts have fully healed. Using latex condom may provide partial protection, but it does not guarantee full protection. In fact, the virus may still be transmitted through the unprotected part of the male’s penis.
  • Another advice that experts commonly give to patients on how to keep them free from genital warts is to be faithful to their partner. Exchanging sex partners or having multiple sex partners at one time increases the risk of acquiring genital warts. This advice stems from the difficulty of detecting the presence of the virus before the warts show up. As such, ordinary individuals often have no means to detect infection at home.
  • Another way to avoid having the virus is to refrain from using another person’s clothes and towels. This is because the virus can attach themselves to garments and may be transmitted from person to person when a single towel or cloth is used by multiple individuals.

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