Causes of Human Papillomavirus(HPV) and its Home Remedies for Removal

HPV, or human papillomavirus, has become a dreaded virus due to its propensity to develop into cancer. Genital warts and other types of warts are associated with HPV. Treatments can be expensive, thus with natural cures, people have access to remedies.

What are the Home Remedies for HPV

  • Apple cider vinegar is acidic by nature and can fight the infection caused by the virus.
    Use it as a douche, washing down with cool water to eliminate the stinging sensation.
  • The widely accepted remedy for HPV is applying the juice of the aloe vera to the affected area. The warts can stop spreading as the infection is being treated through natural means.
  • Castor oil can help heal HPV infection. A mixture of baking soda and castor oil will provide a curing effect on the affected part.
  • Vitamin E can moisten the skin and soften the warts, in the process.

What Causes HPV?

  • Infection from HPV can occur when the virus enters the body and harms the skin cells and reproduces gradually.
  • HPV is transmitted through skin contact involving the genital area.
  • The virus poses great concern in the medical world because of its longevity. It can remain active in the body for prolonged periods of time without obvious symptoms. HPV is the primary cause of cervical cancer.
  • Due to its ‘silent’ nature, HPV can be spread easily unknowingly by people who are carriers of the virus.

What are the Symptoms of HPV?

  • Different types of the virus can attack the body, resulting to warts in the mouth, bottom of the feet and in the genitals.
  • The appearance of genital warts is not associated with high risk, as they disappear on their own.
  • Warts can also appear in the vulva, anus, head and neck.
  • Cancers that are related to HPV may not show early signs, until after they’ve become malignant and difficult to treat.

Ways to Remove HPV at Home

Doctors use any of the following removal procedures for treating HPV.

  • The warts are frozen through cryosurgery, which will not leave any marks or scars behind.
  • Sustenance of vitamins A, C and E is important for sufferers of HPV infection.
  • Laser therapy is a popular method as well.
  • Medications that can remove HPV can kill the virus permanently, without the fear of going back.
  • Salicylic acid is the traditional form of treatment for warts, as it can dry the bumps with its therapeutic qualities.

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