Causes Of Irritated Gums: Home Remedies For Irritation Of The Gums

Gingivitis is the term used by medical practitioners for irritated and inflamed gums. Have you ever experienced bleeding from your gums during brushing or flossing, if your answer is affirmative, then possibly your gums are inflamed or irritated. If bleeding occurs every day after brushing, you need to consult your dentist as soon as possible.

Irritation of gums can lead to swollen red puffy gums.

At times the gums are tender to touch, however the pain produced by irritation of gums is less severe than toothache. If you ignore proper dental care, gum irritation can quickly lead to more serious dental health issue called periodontists (pyorrhea as many people call it). Periodontal disease can cause tooth loss in adults.

What Causes Irritation In Gums?

Many experts believe there is genetic susceptibility to gum disease in wide number of cases. Even if there is no hereditary factor involved, there is still a chance of suffering from various gum problems due to lack of dental care.

  • Improper oral hygiene can lead to plaque formation. Gum irritation can occur due to acid generated by the bacteria in the mouth. These bacteria live in the thin film that coats the teeth known as plaque. The bacteria act on the food that is deposited in the crevices of the teeth. Plaque eventually hardens to form tartar. With passage of time the bacteria erodes the gums between the teeth.
  • Lifestyle factors such as poor diet, especially a diet high in sugar can affect the gums and teeth. Smoking tobacco which contains many harmful chemicals can also give rise to gum irritation.
  • Certain medication when used for a long time can cause irritation in gums. Few medicines used in treatment of epilepsy, high blood pressure and heart disease may sometimes cause irritation and inflammation of gums.
  • Many times gum irritation occurs during pregnancy. For this reason gingivitis during pregnancy is also known as pregnancy gingivitis. Probably the reason experts believe is hormonal changes. Besides pregnancy, gum irritation can also occur during puberty, menstruation and menopause in women.
  • Certain teeth whitening products which contain irritant chemicals may cause irritation of gums.
  • Diseases such as diabetes, AIDS, and other chronic diseases can affect the gums.

Home Remedies For Irritated Gums

Once you experience gum irritation, you should consult your dentist to determine the cause and the extent of its damage. Apart from whatever treatment your dentist suggests, good oral hygiene is crucial in halting and reversing gum irritation. Below are given some basic ways to follow for gum care.

  • Brush your teeth regularly at least two times in a day. Use circular brushing motion. Do not brush your gums and teeth too vigorously.
  • When your brush your teeth, you have to clean your tongue as well.
  • Flossing is as important as brushing. Floss is very handy; you can do it after meals.
  • Rinse the mouth with salt water solution two times in a day. Use lukewarm water as it will help to increase the circulation in the gums. It will also help in resolving the inflammation.
  • You can also rinse your mouth with warm water and lemon juice. Follow this two times in a day. Lemon juice contains vitamin C which is useful for healthy gums. You can also consume lemon juice once in a day.
  • Paste prepared from salt and ginger is an effective home remedy for irritated gums.
  • The essential oil of myrrh is an ingredient in many mouthwashes. It has anti inflammatory properties that are useful in reducing swelling and discomfort.

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