Natural Remedies of Gout Disease | Natural Cure for Gout

Gout Remedies:

Because gout attacks are very painful, most efforts are concentrated toward the reduction of pain, if not removing the swollen joint that is the source of pain. However, the best solution for removing gout and in reducing the painful attacks is through surgery. This process is not only expensive, it also do not guarantee that the condition will not come back. This is why home remedies are preferred because they are cheap, but can afford relief from the disease.

The following are the common home remedies for gout:

  • Take a bunch of tamarind leaves. Warm the leaves over a light flame and then wrap in a handkerchief. With the aid of a rubber band, place the hanky with the heated tamarind leaves over the affected part.
  • If one prefers a cooler home remedy, then one should try this one. Place ice over the affected part and leave it for a few minutes.
  • Exercising is one way for the joint to get used to physical movements. This will also eliminate the pain that is caused every time a person moves.
  • For those where Epsom salt is available, melt the salt in water and dip the affected part on the solution. One may also bath on a similar solution. This is to soothe aching muscles and offer relieve for the joints.

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