Symptoms of Gout Disease | Signs of Gout Infection Problem

Gout Symptoms:

One of the first signs that a person will have in the development of gout is the appearance of hot, red, and swollen joint. Commonly, such swollen joint is most noticeable and appears first at the base of the big toe, although other joints in the body can also be affected.

Other than the appearance of painful joint, the following are signs of gout:

  • Sudden and excruciating pain affecting the area where joints appear. In most cases, the pain is so intense and unbearable that when the affected part is touched by something as light as a pillow is enough to cause pain.
  • In some instances, a fever accompany the development of gout.
  • Apart from the swollen joint itself, there may also be an inflammation on the affected part that also causes pain when moved.
  • Another symptom of gout is that the painful attacks on the affected area commonly go away after about a week, but always coming back to attack the same part after medication has ceased.
  • There is the formation of crystallized uric acid crystals outside the joints. In some cases, it is possible to pluck these crystals through simple operation. They are then submitted to a laboratory for analysis to determine the cause and severity of gout.

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