Feeling Of Hair Stuck In Throat: Home Remedies To Remove it

Throat is a sensitive area and any type of irritation or a stuck foreign object in throat can cause discomfort and distress for the patient. Children as well as adults often visit emergency room complaining of stuck foreign body in throat. Various types of objects are known to get impacted in throat such as fish bone, battery cell and other non food substances including hair.

Many patients have a feeling of hair stuck in throat. It may be real or just a sensation that prevails due to irritation in throat that results from any other cause such as a common cold or sore throat. Sometimes a small hair strand may accidentally get impacted in the throat leading to extreme discomfort for the person. However, in most cases the hairy sensation is associated with frequent clearing of throat, reflux acid, smoking cigarettes, eating spicy food etc.

Whatever may be the reason, a person suffering from this problem should find relief. Impacted strand of hair in throat generally does not remain for long time. It is pushed forward in the stomach together with the food that you swallow.

There are several home remedies that may help to dislodge the impacted hair in throat if it still persists in the throat.

Home Remedies To Remove Hair Stuck In Throat

It is unlikely for the hair to remain stuck in throat for long period of time. In majority of cases the hairy feeling in throat is due to irritation in the throat resulting from other reasons as mentioned above. Sensation of hair in throat often occurs when hard food bolus brushes the throat wall. This feeling may remain for a while before damaged area heals on its own. Below are important tips that may help to remove the hair stuck in throat.

  • If you suspect the irritating sensation in throat is the result of hair that has stuck in throat, eat 2 to 3 bananas at a time. A bolus of chewed banana will help to dislodge the stuck hair in throat.
  • Another useful home remedy to remove lodged hair from throat is French fries. Chew few pieces of French fries and gulp the whole bolus. While passing through the throat, stuck hair will latch on the bolus and will move down into the stomach. Various juices and acid in stomach will act upon the hair and finally it will be excreted through stool.
  • Often hairy sensation in throat is alleviated after drinking warm water. Gargling warm water will help to reduce irritation and discomfort in throat.
  • Hairy sensation in throat frequently occurs due to acid reflux disease. In this condition, stomach juices revert back into the lower end of esophagus (food pipe) due to laxity in lower sphincter. Sometime the stomach content goes further up to irritate throat resulting in hairy feeling in this region. Avoid eating spicy and oily food which may aggravate the condition.
  • Munch one or two slices of bread. Swallow the bolus formed after chewing the bread thoroughly. Hair stuck in throat will be moved together with the bolus into the stomach.

In case after trying all the measures, if you feel the discomfort for few more days, consult an ENT surgeon. He will be able to determine the exact etiology of irritation in throat after examining your throat.

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