Common Causes Of Frontal Headaches: Home Remedies To Relieve It

Headache is the commonest ailment all over the world. There is hardly anyone who has not experienced headache sometime or other in his life. Headache, of course, can accompany many diseases along with other symptoms. Headache can be classified according to the anatomical regions. For example when present on the back of head, it is called occipital headache.

When present in front region, it is called frontal headache.

Here we will talk about headache in forehead, called frontal headache. There are several causes of pain in forehead. The most common and frequent cause of frontal headache is sinusitis. It is the inflammation of sinuses present in forehead, in cheekbones and the bridge of nose. The other important reason of headache in front of head is migraine.

Such headaches are preceded by visual disturbance such as seeing the stars and accompanied by nausea. Usually they affect one side of head, although the side may vary from one attack to another. Migraine headaches involve constriction and relaxation of blood vessels in the head.

Refractory error can cause strain to your eyes. It causes strain to the muscles of forehead and as a result the person may complain of pain in his forehead. Tension due to stress, depression, lack of sleep is also a major cause of frontal lobe headache.

Home Remedies To Relieve Frontal Lobe Headaches

Depending on the type of headache, the pain can be relieved with many home remedies. However, a persistent headache that does not respond to any of the measures you can try at home should have medical attention, preferably by a physician or clinic specializing in headache diagnosis and treatment.

  • Massage is one the most effective method to cure frontal headache. It relaxes the strained muscles of forehead. Massage also increases blood circulation and thus strained muscles are able to get increased supply of blood to reduce spasm. Massage is not just limited to the forehead, but all over the head and even neck and the shoulders.
  • Hot water shower or applying hot water bag over the forehead is beneficial for frontal headache related to tension, stress, and strain. It reduces the tension and alleviates pain in forehead.
  • Sinus headaches often cause frontal lobe headache. Important is to cure sinusitis. However, temporary benefit may be possible to reduce headache by applying hot fomentation on the front of head. Steam inhalation will liquefy the thick mucus in sinuses and reduce pressure on the frontal and maxillary sinuses. Once pressure in the sinuses is reduced patient may feel relieved from discomforting frontal headache.
  • At times the possible cause can be low blood sugar and dehydration. Drinking water and eating some food can raise blood sugar level as well as hydrate the body.
  • Coffee contains caffeine and it is valuable to alleviate mild headache due to stress and tension. Drink one glass of coffee when you are having frontal headache due to tension.
  • Many people feel better in calm and quiet place when they have headache. A nap in afternoon is worth when patient suffers from migraine headache.

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