Causes of Headaches, Cephalalgia | What Causes Tension Headache

Headaches Causes:

There is a broad range of causes that could be attributed to headaches.

  • While simple eyestrain and inflamed sinus cavities are among the simpler causes, more serious ones include brain cancer, encephalitis, and cerebral aneurysms.
  • When a headache is experienced as a result of a head injury, then the cause is very evident.
    However, there are a huge number of headaches for which detection is quite elusive.
  • There are also people who get headaches when they are dehydrated or hungry.
  • The most common kind of headache is the tension headache, and these are caused by the contraction of the muscles that can be found on the neck, jaw, scalp, or shoulders. These tension headaches are usually related to anxiety, depression, or stress.
  • Not enough hours of sleep, overworking, the use of alcohol or street drugs. and missing of meals could also put people at high risk for getting headaches. Foods known to trigger headaches include cheese, chocolate, and monosodium glutamate or MSG.
  • There are also other common reasons that lead to headaches, and these include doing activities that causes you to hold your head in just one position over a long period of time, clenching your jaw, or sleeping in an abnormal position.

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