Symptoms of Headache | Signs of Tension, Persistent Headache

Headaches Symptoms:

When headaches are connected to specific symptoms, they may need urgent medical attention. These symptoms are headaches accompanied with fever, confusion, convulsions or loss of consciousness, and severe headaches that occur suddenly and comes with stiffness to the neck.

  • Persistent headache suffered by a person with no history of the ailment, headaches following a head trauma or connected to pain in the ear or eye, and frequent headache in children also need medical attention as soon as possible.
  • Tension headaches are characterized by pain on both sides of the head. These often begin at the back of the head and tend to spread forward. The pain usually feels dull or like somebody is squeezing on your head.
  • Migraine headaches are usually severe headaches that are recurring and are normally accompanied by other symptoms like nausea and visual disturbances. They tend to start at one side of the head before spreading to both sides. The pain is usually pounding, throbbing, or pulsating.
  • Cluster headaches are known for their extremely sharp pains experienced a number of times in a day for several months. After a while, the pain goes away for the same length of time.
    These are less common than the tension or migraine headaches.

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