Home Treatment to Cure Severe Acidity and Headache

Both headache and stomach acidity have different intensities. These can be mild, moderate to severe. What happens when the acidity causes or triggers the headache? The result is a migraine. Certain foods can trigger the onset or worsening of a headache. Knowing which foods to avoid and what cures to take will help relieve affected individuals of this disabling condition.

Severe Acidity and Headache

  • Severe acidity refers to the extreme acidity of the stomach or stomach juices.

  • A severe headache refers to a headache with an intense pain scale.

  • There are different kinds of headaches but one of the most painful and one that commonly recurs is known as a migraine.

  • A migraine headache is referred to a type of vascular headache and is considered one of the most painful types of headache.

  • A migraine headache can be triggered by different factors and not all individuals suffer a headache from the same triggers.

  • One known trigger of a painful migraine headache is food and severe acidity.

  • Eating foods that causes the gastric juices to become hyperacidic can trigger the onset of a migraine headache.

  • In order to treat the headache, the person has to address the severe acidity first.

Severe Acidity and Headache Cure

In order to prevent the onset of a severe migraine headache, the individual has to avoid foods known to increase stomach acidity. This also includes:

  • Avoiding fasting or hunger. An empty stomach is prone to severe acidity.

  • Avoid triggers that can cause hyperacidity aside from food such as stress and hormonal changes.

  • Avoid consuming too much acidic foods and beverages. Some people only get severe headaches from excess consumption of acidic foods and beverages.

  • Avoid eating habits that cause severe acidity such as extreme hunger, sleeping or lying down directly after eating, and many more.

  • Foods to avoid to prevent severe acidity include chocolates, caffeine, red wine, alcohol, foods containing tyramine (aged cheese, nuts, seeds, avocados, and more), and food additives such as MSG or nitrites and nitrates.

Home Remedies for Severe Acidity and Headache

There are also simple home remedies that help relieve a severe headache triggered by severe acidity. Treating the acidity will help cure the headache.

  • Apples – Eat apples daily on an empty stomach.

  • Basil leaves – Eat approximately 8-12 basil leaves when troubled with severe acidity. This home remedy provides quick relief from acidity.

  • Mint capsules – Especially mint capsules that contain peppermint oil. When taken after a meal, the capsules lessen gas formation and acidity.

  • Butter milk and coriander juice – combined together makes a perfect remedy for severe headache and acidity.

  • Gooseberry juice and sugar crystals – when taken 2 to 3 times a day, the person can experience relief from headache and acidity.

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