What Causes Hiccups | Reasons for Hiccups

Hiccups Causes:

Hiccups have been recorded to happen four to six times per minute during an episode until they wind down. Normally this is lesser than four or more than 30.

A bout of hiccups lasts more than several minutes. If they persist for more than 48 hours, they are already termed as protracted or persistent.

If hiccup episodes last for more than a month, they are already called intractable.

Although hiccups are linked with many conditions, nothing is clear about what really cause these episodes to happen. Below are just among the many observations on what are believed to bring about hiccups:

  • Eating too fast can cause the swallowing of air along with the food and this in turn can bring about a hiccup attack.
  • Other practices or habits that could irritate the diaphragm such as drinking or eating too much, especially foods that are fatty, can also make people prone to experiencing episodes of hiccups.
  • Because hiccups are believed to have a connection with drinking and eating, they are sometimes considered as a reflex action that protects people from choking.
    During these episodes, the stomach, which is positioned adjacent the diaphragm as well as underneath it, is stretched or distended.

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