Preventing Hiccups | How to Prevent, Avoid Hiccups

Hiccups Prevention Measures:

Although hiccups could never really be prevented, there are certain things that can be done to treat or decrease the frequency of their attacks. Among these are avoiding the common triggers of hiccups like eating spicy foods or large meals and drinking alcohol.

Even eating quickly, sudden temperature changes, and smoking cigarettes are considered hiccup triggers that should be avoided to lessen hiccup attacks.

Others also include speaking while eating and not chewing your food well.

Aside from avoiding all these things, there are actually a number of measures that can be done against hiccup attacks and here are some of them:

  • Lift the uvula or the fleshy tag that can be seen hanging at the back of the mouth’s roof by using a teaspoon.
  • Pull your tongue with considerable force.
  • Hold your breath for as long as it is still comfortable, then swallow as soon as you feel a hiccup coming on.
  • Tickle your mouth’s roof, right at the point near the back where the hard roof becomes softer, using a bud made of cotton wool.
  • Pant as deep as you can.
  • Chew and then swallow a piece of dry bread.
  • Breathe ten times into a paper bag, sealing in the air you breathed out by holding the bag’s edges tight against your face.

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