Symptoms of Hiccups Problem | Signs of Hiccups

Hiccups Symptoms:

Because hiccup attacks are natural occurrences in life, it can be understood that we would want to learn more about it. Aside from wanting to know of it causes, we would also like to be more informed on its signs and symptoms.

  • A hiccup, in itself, can already be considered a symptom, especially when related to a number of serious ailments like pneumonia. However, there are really symptoms to hiccups that you might be interested to know about.
  • These occurrences are characterized by brief and sudden irritable spasms of the diaphragm that could last for a few seconds or several minutes. So it can be said that the main symptom of hiccups is its characteristic sound.
  • You will know that you are about to hiccup if you will feel a small yet perceptible tightening sensation in your chest, throat, or abdomen. A recurring sound similar to a cough could also come with a hiccup.
  • It is also said that pregnant women can hear or feel the hiccupping of the baby inside their womb. As such, this is already considered a symptom for a hiccupping episode.
  • While there are people who only get four hiccups in a minute, there are others who experience as many as 60 hiccups during the same time.

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