Diet for High Blood Cholesterol Level | Foods to Control Cholesterol

High Blood Cholesterol Diet:

The following are the foods that one should take when experiencing high blood cholesterol level:

  • Eat a lot of fruits. The fresher, the better. One may also consume canned fruit slices, but make sure that they do not have added sugar.
  • Consume bread made from whole wheat.
  • Take a lot of vegetables. The closer the vegetable is to the source, the better because freshness is key in getting the proper nutrition from them.
  • When drinking milk, choose the fat-free variant.
  • Drink a lot of water or lemonade. This is good in melting cholesterol in the body.
  • When cooking, use vegetable oil instead of regular cooking oil.
  • Eat lots of yogurt products, especially low-fat variants.
  • Consume plenty of eggs, particularly egg whites.
  • When eating fish, tuna and other deep-sea fishes are the best foods because they are rich in omega 3.
  • When using peanut butter, make sure that it has a reduced fat content.
  • Remove the skin from chicken and turkey and other fowl meat.
  • Lean or ground beef will also be good.
  • Instead of rice and other foods rich in carbohydrates, one may instead opt to settle on oat meal to lower blood cholesterol level.

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