High Blood Cholesterol Symptoms | Signs of Hypercholesterolemia

High Blood Cholesterol Symptoms:

It is impossible to tell if one has high blood cholesterol level simply by relying on the symptoms shown. In any case, the condition has few symptoms that may give a clue or indication that a person has the condition. When the condition is new, a patient may feel nothing.

On the other hand, when the condition has been there for a long time, common symptoms are similar to that of high blood pressure: racing heart beat, sweating, and dizziness. However, such symptoms are inconclusive indicators of high blood cholesterol level.

The best indicator to see if one has high blood cholesterol level is to undergo blood tests. Through a blood test, the level of lipoproteins will be determined. Only then will a person be able to tell if he/she has high blood cholesterol level.

Based on the kind of lipoprotein, the following are indicators of high blood cholesterol:

  • A total body cholesterol count of 240 mg or more is considered high blood cholesterol level.
  • An LDL count of 160 mg or more is also considered high blood cholesterol level.
  • A count of 60 mg or more for High Density Lipoprotein is considered high blood cholesterol level already.
  • A triglyceride count of 200 mg or higher is high blood cholesterol level.

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