Natural Remedy for High Blood Pressure | Treating High BP

How to Treat High Blood Pressure:

High blood pressure is such a risky situation. It is for this reason that it is very important to find means to treat the condition. However, taking medications may lead into harmful effects to the body that can only worsen the condition. As such, home remedies are preferred because they are not only cheap, they are also free from negative effects.

The following are some of the tested home cures for high blood pressure:

  • Drink ginger tea regularly. You may make this as a substitute to coffee or tea. Ginger tea is made by boiling pieces of ginger in water until the water becomes brown or golden.
  • Chewing onions or garlic is also proven to treat high BP. Not only are these foods good in treating high blood pressure, they are also good in reducing cholesterol. If one cannot stand chewing onions and garlic, one may use them frequently in cooking. Still, one may eat them raw by dipping them in mayonnaise or vinegar.
  • Boil coriander leaves and consume the drink early in the morning when the stomach is still empty.
  • One can also reduce high blood pressure by eating vegetables and fruits instead of meats and processed foods.

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