Causes of Hives or Urticaria | Reasons for Hives Skin Disease

Hives Causes:

Identifying the cause of hives is rather difficult. In any case, there are numerous possible causes, and it may be impossible to zero in on the single matter that causes hives. Nonetheless, researchers have come up with some possible causes of hives, such as the following:

  • Due to allergic reaction of the body.
    When the body detects some foreign matter that irritates it, it produces histamine as a reaction to the allergies. It may be that the allergen is food, dust, pollen, smoke, soap, or drugs. When a person is allergic to any of these, it will be great to stay away from these substances to avoid hives.
  • Due to certain diseases. This happens when a person has a present ailment that affects blood circulation. As a result, rashes appear and will later become hives.
  • Due to friction with garments. There are some who are allergic to contact with garments, especially when the garment is soaked in sweat. When this is the case, the bacteria in the sweat may stick to the garment and may be implanted to the skin due to friction or contact.
  • Temperature changes, especially in extreme situations, can also cause the development of hives.

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