What Causes Hives on Face and Home Remedies for Treatment

Hives can affect any part of the skin, but are fairly common on the face. Most often hives are associated with over stimulated immune response to an allergen. The allergen can be a medications, food item or ingredient or local applications and ointments. Home remedies can help in effective treatment of hives on the face.

What Causes Hives on The Face?

Hives are associated with an immune response to an allergen, which results in increased vascular permeability of blood and white blood cells. The allergen triggers an inflammatory reaction across the body which is often responsible for hives on the skin and face. In addition to allergic reactions hives are also associated with bacterial or viral infections.

  • Bacterial or viral infection on the skin may result in an inflammatory reaction on the skin, which may result in edema, itching and redness on the face.
  • Certain medications, to which individuals may be sensitive can also result in allergic reaction and hives on the face. The most common drug that people tend to be allergic to is sulpha drugs.
  • Certain individuals are allergic to different kinds of foods. Consuming these foods may result in allergic reaction and appearance of hives on the face. Most common foods associated with allergic reaction are sea foods like shellfish and lobsters, fruits and berries and fish. Though occasionally individuals may be allergic to other foods like dairy products and eggs.
  • Certain individuals may be allergic to substances that they may come in contact with. Soaps, shampoos, fabric, washing powder, makeup, etc are some of the products to which individuals could be allergic.

How to Get Rid of Hives on The Face?

Antihistamine and corticosteroids are useful in management of severe allergic reactions and hives on the face, however there are certain simple home based treatment options that can be useful in treatment of hives,

  • Wash your face about four to five times with cold water. Cold water results in vasoconstriction, which in turn reduces blood circulation to the affected area and hastens recovery
  • Alternatively one can dip the handkerchief in ice cold water and dab it on the affected area. This will help in preventing the spread of hives to the surrounding areas
  • Local application of Aloe Vera Leaf extract is also beneficial in treatment of hives. It sooths the skin and reduces irritation and itching.

How to Treat Hives on The Face?

Complementary medicine offers considerable amount of options in effectively treating hives on the face,

  • Homeopathic remedy, Apis Mel, is considered highly effective in reducing irritation, edema and itching associated with hives on the face.
  • Alfalfa helps improve immunity and also reduces sensitivity to the immune system to allergens, thereby reducing severity of the allergic reaction.
  • Stress is closely related with incidence of hives and allergic reaction. Meditation and Yoga techniques help you relax and are useful in efficient treatment of hives on the face.

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