Prevention Of Hives On Skin: Foods To Avoid & Control Hives Symptoms

What Are Hives?

Hives are red, raised bumps and patches on the skin. These very itchy and often quite too irresistible not scratch. Oftentimes, hives are caused by allergic reactions to food, medications, and insect bites. Still, many non-allergic causes are also possible, such as those due to viral infections.

Most of the time, when the patient develops hives, it could be difficult to pinpoint what had caused it as external and internal factors could trigger the occurrence.

Sometimes also, it really is not possible to determine the cause so that it can be called idiopathic in such cases.

Hives occur mainly because of the production of histamines that can cause leakage of fluid from superficial blood vessels. This is also the reason why hives can be easily treated using anti-histamines as long as the underlying cause is an allergic reaction.

Prevention Of Hives

Hives are very itchy and they can cause anyone to feel miserable. Because of the extremely itchy condition, some patients become so desperate in trying to find a cure for the disease. However, treatment for hives is expensive and extremely complex and no single medication may totally work. As such, it is always better to find ways to prevent the occurrence of hives.

In order to prevent hives from occurring or recurring, one must follow the following tips:

  • Avoid exposing the commonly affected part to heat as this may cause the blood vessels to dilate and invite the occurrence of hives.
  • When hives is caused by frequent contact with a particular garment that seems to cause hives, one should refrain from wearing the garment that is the culprit of hives.
  • Get rid of habits such as smoking and drinking, which are also known to cause hives.

Foods To Avoid Hives

  • Avoid foods that cause triggers for allergies, which may later become hives. One should bear in mind the kind of foods that can cause hives and avoid them totally. There really are certain food items that are considered natural triggers for allergies in susceptible individuals. Some of these are chicken, egg, and other poultry products as well as sea foods like crabs, shrimps, and lobsters. If the patient is known to easily develop hives, it is best for him or her to avoid these foods.
  • Maintain a daily consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables to strengthen the immune system.

For severe cases accompanied by dizziness, difficulty in breathing, tight chest, wheezing and swollen face, lips or tongue, it is best to seek medical help right away.

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