Symptoms of Hives | Signs of Urticaria | Recurring Hives Causes

Hives Signs:

Here are the common symptoms of hives:

  • There is the presence of raised red welts of various sizes. In some cases, they may form clusters and result to the formation of one large welt. They can cover large areas of the skin and may be painful when touched, resulting to a large reddish area.
  • The welts are extremely very itchy. More often than not, the itchy feeling is something that cannot be cured by scratching it, although some topical applications like ointments may provide a temporary relief.
  • There is a burning and stinging sensation around the affected area. The sensation usually becomes intense when a person exposes the affected part to sunlight or when the affected part is touched by garments and other body parts.
  • There are instances when the welts may disappear while new welts may appear in other areas, thus giving the impression to the patient that the condition is spreading.

Hives commonly last for several weeks. In those weeks, the patient experiences nothing but extreme itchy feeling, this is exacerbated when a person eats food that may worsen the condition.

On the other hand, in cases of recurring hives, several months or even years may pass before a new attack begins.

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