What are the Causes of Hematoma and Its Home Remedies for Treatment

Hematoma forms when the blood leaks from the blood vessels in the adjacent tissue space. It is a mass of clotted blood. Hematoma can form in any organ of the body; it can be as tiny as a pinhead, or as large as a tennis ball. The symptoms of hematoma may depend on its size, its location and whether it compresses the tissues, nerves, or other nearby organs.

Pain, swelling, redness are common symptoms of a hematoma. It is more lumpy and rubbery to feel. In most cases this sac of blood eventually dissolves on its own, however if hematoma continues to get bigger in size or does not resolve, it may need to be removed surgically. If hematoma occurs in brain it can lead to grave neurological problems, sometimes it can be fatal. Thus it requires immediate medical attention. But a hematoma on the leg may not be a cause of worry, of course if it is small in size.

There are several causes for a hematoma to form:

The most common cause of hematoma is injury. It can be either due to an accident, or a fall, or when a person is hit by a blunt object, it can even be a hard blow with a fist.

When an impact of severe intensity damages and breaks the blood vessels it leads to hemorrhage. Blood begins to leak in the surrounding tissues and form a clot. A minor injury may damage the capillaries or tiny blood vessels beneath the skin and it can result in a bruise. But if large vessel such as a vein or artery breaks there is enough amount of blood seeped out to form a bolus of clotted blood. A head injury can cause collection of blood inside the skull which may compress the brain.

A minor injury such as a sprain in the ankle can also cause swelling of ankle joint.

Fragile Blood Vessels can Trigger a Hematoma

Many people take blood thinning medicines, these medicines are called anticoagulants. They increase the chances of sudden bleeding. The hematoma may expand because they do not allow the body to seal the leaking portion of the blood vessel.

Hematoma is common among people with certain hereditary coagulation disorders such as hemophilia.

Can you Prevent a Hematoma?

It is very difficult for a person to prevent a hematoma, as it is not a disease. It is just a happening because of the circumstances such as an injury or an underlying triggering factor. However you can minimize the risk by following certain precautionary measures. For example;

  • If you are taking anti coagulant medicines, avoid participating in activities that can be physically injurious.
  • If you are suffering from clotting disorder, try to keep your room free from furniture and fixtures that can cause a bruise on slightest bump.
  • Eat food that helps to resolve the hematoma and increase your clotting mechanism.
  • Avoid foods that have tendency to thin the blood; such as plums and prunes, grapefruit, melons and nectarines cherries and raisins etc.

What are the Effective Home Remedies for Hematoma

Treatment for hematoma depends on the location. You cannot give a home remedy for a hematoma in the brain. However, hematomas of skin, tissues and muscles can easily respond to certain home remedies.

  • Alternate cold compression and heat will help the blood vessels to narrow and widen. This will allow the blood to dissolve soon in the body and reduce the size of hematoma.
  • Elevate the part to prevent expansion of hematoma.
  • Turmeric powder is of great importance in reducing the hematoma. Dissolve a pinch of turmeric powder in a glass of warm milk and drink it once daily till the hematoma dissolves. Besides turmeric is also antibacterial, it will prevent secondary infection of the hematoma.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C.
  • Certain herbal remedies act on the hematomas; they include Arnica, comfrey. They are short acting and prompt. Both relieve pain and swelling.

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