Home Remedies To Treat Silicone Allergy Symptoms

Silicone allergy occurs very rarely. Many times silicone allergy is caused by contact with products not purely composed of silicone. Some of these allergies are triggered by the latex present in the silicone product. It is in fact this additive, which are normally responsible for silicone allergy.

Silicone is used in many household products such as polishes, cosmetic products and soaps, and various other things such as medical silicone allergy bracelets which are worn by children.

Symptoms Related To Silicone Allergy

The symptoms will differ from person to person, depending on the person’s immune system reactivity and the amount of exposure to silicone allergen.

  • Skin symptoms: rash, itching, hives, red bumps on the skin. Skin symptoms are first to occur with silicone allergy when you come in contact with silicone products. The severity of the skin symptoms may vary depending upon the quantity of poisoning and health status of the individual.
  • Eye symptoms: Symptoms of silicone allergy contact lenses include watery eyes, itching in eyes, red eyes, sore eyes, and swollen eyes. Contact lenses wearer encounters discomfort, some time while wearing it. It is usually not due to silicone lenses, but due to the various other allergens such as tear film proteins, pollens, and chemicals, that adhere to lens surface while wearing, handling, storage and manufacturing.
    In some cases red veins in the eyes may be visible.
  • Respiratory symptoms: Sneezing, running nose, cough and wheezing, sore throat. Severe cases may be associated with breathlessness and wheezing sensation.
  • In rare severe cases silicon allergy can cause anaphylaxis reaction with serious symptoms such as dizziness, seizures, low blood pressure, and unconsciousness. Immediate treatment is necessary.

Silicone Allergy Testing

To diagnose silicone allergy, you have to consult an allergist. There are two silicone allergy tests he will perform, the first is skin prick test and other is blood test. These tests help understand the severity of an allergic reaction.

Home Remedy For Silicone Allergy

Here are some simple home remedies that can be used for treatment of silicone allergy,

  • Skin symptoms: skin itching and hives caused in silicone allergy are cured by mint. Prepare a concoction of mint leaves and add sugar. Boil them in a cup of water and drink it after the fluid gets cool. It will relieve itching and normalizes the raised red patches.
  • Stop wearing contact lenses if that is the reason for your eye allergy. Alternatively opt for non silicone contact lens.
  • For running nose and watering of eyes, the best home remedy is orange juice or lemon juice. Drink orange juice once in a day and squeeze a lemon in a glass of water and drink it in the evening.  Vitamin C present in both will help to reduce the allergy symptoms. It will also relieve your sore throat.
  • Carrot juice and gooseberry juice are also known to be effective in giving relief from silicone allergy symptoms.

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