How to Treat Acidity in Stomach and What are Its Symptoms?

You may have experienced at some point in your life, heartburn and pain in the stomach.  Both this symptoms are related to excess production of stomach acid, the condition we usually call hyperacidity or acid indigestion.  Actually our stomach secretes acid and digestive juices to aid digestion and absorption of the food that we eat.

However, on some occasions there is excess of acid secretion in the stomach that can lead to inflammation of the internal lining of the stomach. Many times when we eat spicy and fried food we may experience acidity symptoms. However, frequent complain of acidity in stomach is not good for your health as it may lead to chronic gastritis, acid reflux and erosion of the mucus lining of the stomach that can provoke gastric ulcer. Hyperacidity in recent times has become a lifestyle disease. Stress, eating wrong food at wrong hours, alcohol and smoking, eating in hurry or over eating are all triggering factors for excess secretion of acids leading to acidity in stomach.

Having said this let us know what the symptoms of acidity in stomach are.

Burning Pain: the most common symptom of excess of acid secretion is burning pain in the stomach. You may experience burning after eating food or even on empty stomach. In acid reflux the acid and digestive juices back up in the esophagus (food pipe) and cause erosion of the lining. There is burning behind the breastbone when there is acid reflux.

Sourness in mouth: it is one of the symptoms of acidity in stomach. When acid backs up in the throat and esophagus there is acid taste in the mouth. It is unpleasant and sour.

Tenderness: with acidity in stomach, the middle of abdomen is tender to touch. Pain and tenderness is more marked when acidity leads to acute gastritis. With chronic gastritis the symptom may be dull aching pain.

Nausea and vomiting are common acidity in stomach.

Burping and belching is frequently associated with excess stomach acid secretion. Belching occurs due to production of gas from the undigested food in stomach.

Loss of appetite and sensation of fullness of stomach are common with acidity in stomach.

Effective Home Remedies to Treat Acidity in Stomach

Though conventional medicines such as antacids, H2 blockers and proton pump inhibitors are used for acidity in stomach, certain home remedies are effective in relieving the condition without any side effect.

Basil leaves are effective in relieving burning sensation in stomach. Chew few basil leaves slowly for some time to get relief from acidity.

Drink a glassful of cold milk when you experience acidity in stomach with heartburn.

Avoid eating spicy and fried food. Eat at regular time. Avoid alcohol and cigarettes. Yoga and meditation effectively control stress.

Avoid certain medicines such as painkillers as they increase acidity in stomach.

Mint juice is another effective home remedy for acidity. Drink it regularly when you are suffering from chronic acidity problem.

Banana as well as watermelon helps to alleviate acidity problem even of long duration. Eat at least two bananas in a day or drink a glass of water melon juice to get relief from acidity symptoms.

Ginger is an effective home remedy for treating acidity and heart burn. Eat small pieces of ginger root with honey after lunch. It relieves stomach acidity as well as discomforting heart burn.

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