Causes of Hyperacidity, Heartburn | Reasons for Acid Dyspepsia, Pyrosis

Hyperacidity and Heartburn Causes:

Because of the similarities between the two, they have several causes that apply to both of them. These are the following causes.

  • Due to anxiety, tension, pressure and worry. This happens when a person is saddled with heavy thoughts on something that ultimately affects one’s digestion. As a result, the stomach is apt to produce more digestive juices than usual, causing an increase in the acidity level in the stomach.
  • Due to eating meals at irregular intervals. When a person eats his meals at the improper time, the body is also altered to the effect that it has to cope with the sudden change in eating habit.
  • Due to too much consumption of oily and fatty foods. Such foods require a higher level of digestive juices than normal. As a result, there is an increase in the acidity level in the stomach, which results to frequent releases of acidic matter, thus causing hyperacidity and heartburn.
  • Due to too much consumption of spicy foods. Spicy foods trigger the release of acidic juices that can lead to hyperacidity and heartburn.
  • On the other hand, habits also have something to do with the ailment.
    Lying down immediately after a meal can cause hyperacidity and heartburn.

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