Diet for Heartburn Treatment | Foods to Avoid Hyperacidity

Hyperacidity and Heartburn Diet:

The following are the dietary considerations for those who are prone to hyperacidity and heartburn:

  • One’s diet must have fresh vegetables. In order to better pacify gastric juices, one must include vegetables whose taste leans towards the bitter and astringent tastes. However, because they may be sour to one’s tastes, one may dip them in mayonnaise dressing or by simply dipping them in vinegar.
  • Refrain from eating animal meat products, particularly beef or pork. Such foods may be difficult for the stomach to digest and may require a high supply of gastric acid in the stomach in order to better digest them.
  • Avoid eating oily and fatty foods. Such foods are difficult to digest. Oily foods are somewhat resistant to low amounts of gastric juices. Thus, in order to digest them well, the stomach is forced to produce more digestive juices just to neutralize oily and fatty foods.
  • Refrain from eating foods that are not properly cooked, as they require additional gastric juices to digest them.
  • Avoid or minimize the intake of sour foods such as tamarind, lemons, and other citrus fruits.
    These foods are rich in acids that increase the acidity level in the stomach.

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