Hysteria Disorder Causes | Reasons for Hysteria Problem

Hysteria Causes:

The main cause of hysteria is thought to be anxiety. In return, anxiety is also caused by the inner conflict within a person due to the presence of some repressed thoughts that are seeking means for release. When this tension is kept bottled in a person, the result is conflict as well as some emotional disturbance, which is indicative of hysteria.

Specifically, the following are some of the causes of hysteria:

  • Due to stress. When a person is subjected to both physical and emotional stress, the result is that the mind gets little rest and a person may be unable to cope with the challenge. As a result, there comes a strong need to cope with stress, and failure to cope with it results to hysteria.
  • Sexual repression. When one represses his sexual desires or when one has some form of sexual conflict, these desires and conflict within a person leads to hysteria.
  • Due to worry or fear. Psychologists estimate that most of our fears are unfounded or have no basis at all. Still, some people make it a habit to fret over the most trivial of things.
    When this happens, hysteria is likely to happen because of tension in one’s mind.

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