Indigestion Causes | Reasons for Dyspepsia

Causes of Indigestion Problem:

Indigestion is typically the result of the food passing through the digestive tract very quickly without being properly digested. As a result, the nutrients from the food are not properly absorbed by the body. It may also cause abdominal pain as well as stomach discomfort. But what causes indigestion? The following are some of the causes of the ailment:

  • Due to acid reflux disease and stomach ulcers.
    This happens because in cases of acid reflux the acid from the stomach enters into the esophagus and may cause pain in the chest. In time, the buildup of stomach acids can lead to indigestion.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs are also known to cause indigestion.
  • Due to dysfunction of the organs within the gastrointestinal tract or by the nerves that control these organs. Because the nerves controlling these organs are connected to the brain, it is thought that any psychological problems a person may have can make him/her prone to indigestion.
  • In women, a common cause for having indigestion is due to the effect of her menstrual cycle. This happens because during menstruation, her body increases the production of progesterone and estrogen.
    As a result, the stomach is unable to properly digest the food, causing indigestion.

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