Influenza, Flu Diet Treatment | Foods to Avoid Influenza Infection

Influenza Diet:

Many experts believe that influenza is just one of the body’s attempts at self-cleaning. According to them, when a person has influenza, it does not necessarily mean that something is awry with a persons’ health. Although it cannot be denied that the disease is indicative of something wrong in the system, influenza is seen as a wondrous opportunity to cleanse the body and make it more robust in so far as future health is concerned.

Moreover, when diet is concerned, influenza is also a good chance for a person to test which dietary combination works.

  • For influenza patients, the first thing to be done is to go on fasting, taking no solid foods but only fresh fruit and vegetable juices.
  • Moreover, one should not let down on the drinking of water every day to make sure that the body is hydrated well and nasal secretions are thinned to make it easier for the body to expel them.
  • One may also opt to use warm water enema daily during the period of infection.
  • Aside from taking fresh fruit and vegetable juices, one may also subsist on fresh vegetable salads and lime juice.
  • On the same note, one should avoid spicy foods as these are likely to encourage inflammation as well as sugar, alcoholic beverages, flour products, meat, and tobacco.

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