Preventing Influenza Infection | How to Prevent Influenza

Influenza Prevention Measures:

The most effective means to prevent influenza infection is to maintain good hygienic practices. This will allow the body to be free from influenza infection.

  • One common practice that one should do regularly to avoid contracting the virus is to wash hands and to take a bath regularly.
  • When washing, one should use soap that has proven anti-virus properties.
    One may also use alcohol-based soap or hand rubs as well as alcohol to neutralize the virus.
  • On the other hand, influenza virus rapidly spreads, and one must make sure that he will not become an agent for transmitting the disease.
  • Here, one should avoid spitting just about anywhere because the virus may go with the expelled saliva and may be blown in the air to become airborne that makes it easier for people to catch the virus.
  • One should cover his mouth with the hands or a handkerchief when coughing or sneezing. This simple act will help prevent spreading the virus.
  • Moreover, when one is positively infected with the virus, one should opt to stay at home to avoid transmitting the virus at work or at school.
  • Another way to prevent acquiring the virus is through an influenza vaccine, also known as a flu shot.
    This is recommended for high-risk groups such as those who have other ailments that may be worsened by influenza.

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