Causes of Black or Brown Worms In Stools and Its Treatments

Worms that attack the intestines of children especially when they are colored brown or black is a serious concern since it can lead to malnourishment. There are those that can cause serious medical problems which include intestinal obstruction and allergic reactions. Though very common in children, adult patients can have worms inside their intestinal tracts too.

Facts about Brown Worms in Stools

  • These can be present in any person regardless of gender and age.

  • Round worms, hookworms, and whip worms are some of the common examples. These belong to the 30 percent of worms that can be detected by the naked eye and known collectively as helminthes.

  • Some of the signs and symptoms that can be experienced include weight loss, an increase in appetite or constant desire for food, abdominal pain, itching of the anus, malnourishment, fatigue, palpated balls of worms during an abdominal exam, fever, headaches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, anemia, and irritability.

  • Medical diagnosis includes medical history, complete physical examination, ultrasound of the abdomen and examination of the stool to see cysts and ova.

  • Causes several health problems due to its secretion of toxins and taking away of important nutrients meant for the body.

  • Can also cause worsening of health problems that are already experienced by the patient.

Causes of Worms in Stools

  • Children and adult patients can have these worms through contaminated food and water along with soil.

  • Those that can be contacted in the soil like hookworms usually attack those who are barefooted.

  • Infected air

  • Improper hygiene

  • Over population and dirty surroundings can lead to outbreaks.

  • Spread can also be transferred from one patient to another.

  • Infected agents like mosquitos can spread the worms to patients through bites.

Treatments for Worms in Stools

  • Administration of anti-helminthes medications that can wash out the parasitic worms.

  • In cases of perforation or obstruction of the intestines, surgery is the recommended choice.

  • Garlic is loaded with sulfur and aids in expelling worms of all kinds and at the same time builds the body’s immune system.

  • Elimination of meat products, refined carbohydrates, and processed foods that can add a good environment to these parasitic worms.

  • Consume water that has been boiled and food that has been well-cooked.

  • Preventing children to play in the soil and letting them wear their footwear along with getting them regular deworming sessions can help.

  • Practicing good hygiene by washing hands in a regular basis and cleaning surroundings including bed sheets and mattresses.

  • Taking extra precaution in consuming water and food during travels.

  • Thoroughly cleaning the anal area and properly washing away stool particles.

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