Calamine Lotion for Itching along with Its Uses for Acne and Rash

Calamine is used in the treatment of mild skin conditions. It is easily identifiable because of its pink color and its think consistency.

  • It is a combination of Zinc Oxide and Iron Oxide, it is an alkaline solution
  • It is often used in the treatment of mild itching or irritation of the skin
  • In addition to its use in itch-relief, Calamine can also be used as an antiseptic and astringent for weeping blisters or abscesses
  • It can be applied on a daily basis or as needed
  • In 2008, the US FDA Recommended the use of Over-the-Counter drugs like Calamine in the treatment of skin itching

Calamine Lotion Uses

There are a number of different uses of Calamine, they include:

  • Poison Ivy Dermatitis
  • Poison Oak Dermatitis
  • Poison Sumac Dermatitis
  • Insect bites
  • Mild Contact Dermatitis

Its soothing effect can also be used to further protect the skin by preventing the need for scratching.

In some cases, the lotion is also used as astringent agent for weeping blisters.

Calamine Lotion for Acne and Rash

In addition to its common uses, there have also been some studies suggesting the effectiveness of Calamine in the treatment of Acne and Rashes

  • The lotion has been shown to provide immediate relief in the treatment of itching for acne and rashes
  • When using it for acne, patients should take care to avoid the sensitive eye area and the folds of the nose and cheek
  • It also has a mild astringent effect that can dry out pimples
  • It is important to note however, that the effect of calamine on acne is not as noticeable or as long lasting as the effect of other drugs although it does provide relief from itching
  • With rashes, Calamine does not treat the rash itself. Instead it helps to relieve the itchiness and the discomfort associate with it.

How to Use Calamine

  • Clean the affected area with soap and water
  • Pat dry – do not rub as it can irritate the skin further
  • Shake the lotion bottle well to distribute the solution
  • Apply it on the affected skin
  • The lotion should be left on the skin undisturbed until it dries, clothes can be worn over it
  • Wash calamine off before putting on a new coat

Before using Calamine, patients need to talk to their doctor first.

Side Effects of Calamine

Side effects for this topical drug are rarely severe. When any side effect is observed, it is important to stop use immediately.

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