Constant Itching after Bed Bug Bite and Its Relief with Home Remedies

Bed bugs are tiny parasites that hide under the sofas, chairs, tables, in wall cracks and crevices. Following a bed bug bite itch you will certainly curse them as it causes discomfort and irritation at the site of bite besides itching. Bed bug infestation is attributed to bad hygienic condition and negligence in cleaning your house.

Bed bugs stay in cracks and crevices during the day. They prefer shadow and darkness. At night they venture out to feast human blood. They bite on the exposed area of the skin, following which you feel itching and swelling at the site of the bite. The area turns red and inflamed. The reaction to bed bug bite will depend on a person’s immune system reacting to chemical or the saliva that is released by the bug while biting your skin. Except itching and annoyance while sleeping bed bug bite does not pose any danger to your health. Rarely besides bed bug bite itch, there are symptoms of breathlessness, nausea and dizziness, if such as situation arises you should contact your family physician.

The most common features of bed bug bite are constant itching sensation, and fear of bed bug bite that keeps you awake all the night. The itch can last for a couple of days to few weeks depending on a person’s sensitivity. First itching will subside then the swelling will decrease.

Home Remedies for Constant Itching after Bed Bug Bite

In order to speed the healing and stop bed bug itch, consider following home remedies that are most effective.

  • Clean the area of bite with soap and water. This prevents the bacteria from entering deep inside the skin surface.
  • Calamine lotion relieves itching.
  • Cold compresses will reduce bed bug itch and swelling.
  • When there is irresistible desire to scratch, you can apply a piece of ice on the skin surface for a minute. This you can do many times in a day. It will help to reduce the itch and swelling caused by bed bug bite. You can wrap ice piece in a cloth or a towel and use it as a cold compress so that you do not get cold blisters.
  • Oat meal bath: add oatmeal powder in warm water bath and soak to reduce the itching.
  • Paste of salt and baking soda: to get bed bug bite itch relief, prepare a thick paste by mixing baking soda and salt in water. Now apply it on the bed bug bite. You will find relief from itching and swelling after sometime.

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