Causes and Home Remedies for Treating Itching in Scrotum

Itching in Scrotum

  • Itching in scrotum is otherwise termed as genital itching and it is characterized by irritation. This urges males to scratch this part often, which can lead to a more severe problem when not taken care of properly.

  • Infection, strong chemicals or solution, and allergies can bring about itching in the scrotum.

  • Symptoms of this condition depend on the root cause. But in general, men suffering from this may experience soreness, blisters, peeling, redness, and rashes in the skin.

  • Itchy scrotum can be controlled through natural remedies. However, if the cause is a more severe skin condition, medical attention must be sought.

Itching in Scrotum Causes

  • Too much sweating in the surrounding part of the scrotum causes bacteria build up and infection. This will then lead to an itchy sensation in the involving skin.

  • This problem can also be an indication of a more serious health problem.

  • Bacteria love warm and moist area. Since the scrotum is not often exposed to air, moisture does not disappear immediately when sweating. This then attracts bacteria causing the condition.

  • Itching in the scrotum might also be a symptom of skin disorders such as eczema.

Itching in Scrotum Remedies

  • Having a good hygiene at all times help keep away bacteria from thriving in that part .

  • For instant relief, cleanse the scrotum and its surrounding areas with mild soap and water or with a mild disinfectant.

  • Always make sure that the scrotal area and its surroundings are maintained dry and moisture-free.

  • Avoid using tight clothing and synthetically made garments. Use underwear made of cotton and loose fitting pants.

  • When washing clothes, especially undergarments, use only mild detergent soaps.

  • When bathing, avoid perfumed soaps and body wash or those containing strong solutions and chemicals.

  • Remember to clip nails regularly to prevent breaking the skin when the urge to scratch arises. And as much as possible, try to keep from scratching or touching the area to prevent the spread of infection and complications.

  • Application of tea tree oil can help in keeping fungal infection at bay. This can be used after washing the area thoroughly.

  • Another good anti-septic is honey which can be rubbed on the scrotum two times a day. When applying this in the scrotal skin and nearby areas, leave it for around an hour prior to washing it up.

  • Eating more garlic can also be effective in curing itchy scrotum that is caused by fungus.

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