How to Prevent Itchy Skin Disorder | Preventing Itching All Over Body

Causes Of Itchy Skin Disorder

Itchy skin is characterized by an irritating and very uncomfortable sensation that makes scratching simply irresistible. There are times in a person’s life when he/she experiences itchy skin. This could be due to a number of reasons. Some of the reasons include an allergic reaction to food or medication, skin conditions like dermatitis, or underlying medical conditions such as kidney failure or liver disease.

Symptoms Of Skin Itching

Often, itchy skin is accompanied by insect bite marks, rough skin, bumps, redness, or even blisters. However, there are also times when the skin just looks normal but it is still very itchy. It only becomes red with scratching.

It is difficult to say when a person would next experience having itchy skin because the factors that cause the itch are simply too many. However, it could still be possible to somehow prevent the patient from experiencing itch at all times.

Preventing Skin Itching All Over Body

When trying to prevent itching everywhere; the first line of defense that the patient has is proper hygienic practices. Keeping one’s self clean and keeping the skin moisturized will help the patient avoid problems with itching. Here are a few tips on how the patient can avoid itching problems:

  • Bathe regularly and moisturize afterwards. Since a lot of the reasons why a person may itch is due to the presence of irritants on the skin, washing these off with water and mild soap will help keep itching away. However, it might be better to use soaps and cleansers that are hypoallergenic if the patient has extra sensitivity to chemicals which can cause itching.
  • To help keep the skin moist, the patient will need to moisturize it with a mild lotion or moisturizer.
  • Drinking a lot of water will also help keep itching down since the extra fluids that the patient drinks will help keep the skin moisturized and away from dryness that can cause the itchiness.
  • To help prevent itching caused by sweat, try to use antiperspirants for the underarms and baking soda or talcum powder for the feet and the rest of the body.
  • If someone is ill with an ailment like chicken pox or measles, try to avoid them while they are sick. The patient might get the ailment and end up with the itching and the rashes that come with this problem.
  • Try to determine if the itching is caused by certain foods or medications. If this is the case, then avoiding these foods and medications can help prevent itch.

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