Signs of Itchy Skin Disorder | Symptoms of Skin Itching Problem

Itching Symptoms:

The main symptom you might find when it comes to problems with itching is the urgent need to scratch the infected area. Other symptoms that accompany the itch will indicate why you are itching. While the most common symptom of itching is the need to scratch, there are other symptoms that may accompany this:

  • Sometimes the itch may be accompanied by skin problems like rashes, flakes, or redness.
    This may mean that the itch is caused by other problems like an allergy, an insect bite, or an infection.
  • Some of the ailments that can cause flakes to emerge when you are itching include eczema, dandruff, psoriasis, and dry skin.
  • When you find that rashes are present when you itch, you may be suffering from an allergic reaction to a substance or a food product. You may also be suffering from ailments like chicken pox, measles or small pox, all ailments that bring about rashes and lesions on your skin.
  • If you scratch areas of your skin too much, you will then find that you have painful abrasions or wounds that are watery or bleeding.
  • If the itch is caused by sunburn, you can find dry skin or peeling skin as part of this equation.
    Usually this starts with red skin that is painful to touch and this then dries up and withers then peels.

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