What Causes Itchy Feet and Can It be Treatment at Home

The feet are very important parts of the body – of course, all parts of the body are important. Still, the feet bring the body to other places. Thus, when there are problems in the feet, the affected patient often wants to find immediate remedies to get rid of them.

Itchy Feet

  • Having “itchy feet” is also an idiomatic expression that people use to indicate that the person loves to travel.
    Well, this article discuses the physical, real itch that people feel on their feet.
  • The feet are the part of the body located closest to the ground.
  • Thus, it is prone to becoming itchy because it can be easily reached by insects, bugs, bacteria, and parasites on the soil or on foliage and vegetation located close to the ground.
  • When a person experiences this condition, it might be tolerable or very itchy, causing other problems. The level of itchiness will depend on a number of reasons, including what caused the itch and how much of that particular compound or material has reached the skin.

What Causes Itchy Feet

There are a number of reasons why feet can become itchy.

Some of these are:

  • Moisture, bacteria, and dead skin accumulation. This is often the case in those who wear shoes. The moisture accumulates at a certain point in the feet. This area could become the breeding ground of bacteria or the place where dead skin could also collect. These conditions will happen mostly when the patient has ill-fitting shoes and socks.
  • Certain ailments also cause the feet to become itchy. Some of these ailments include:
    • Athlete’s feet
    • Eczema
    • Dermatitis
    • Bacterial infection
  • Having dry feet is also one of the reasons why feet can easily become itchy.
  • An allergic reaction to soap, feet cream, and material of the shoes or socks or slippers.

Itchy Feet Treatment at Home

To get rid of the itchy feeling in the feet, the patient could try these following options at home:

  • Wash the feet using anti-bacterial soap. Wash thoroughly. Use a bath towel or sponge. After washing, rinse thoroughly and keep the feet dry.
  • Use anti-fungal creams or herbal medications to relieve the itchy feeling.
  • Always practice good hygiene. This will ensure that dead skin cells and moisture will not accumulate on the feet to cause the itch.
  • Change the brand of soap or feet cream being used if the itch is possibly caused by an allergic reaction.

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