Understanding What are the Causes of Itchy Palms for Right Treatment

The palms are that part of the hand that is most actively used. In fact, it is a vital part of the body’s system – not just in making a person able to touch or hold certain objects but also sensory functions. The importance of the palms may not be so pronounced unless it becomes injured or lost.

Still, there are times when the palms call for attention – such as when these become itchy.

Itchy Palms

  • When the palms are itchy, superstition supposes that this person will be receiving money or good fortune soon. However, there is no scientific basis for that. In fact, there are no scholarly documentations as to whether this superstition has any basis at all.
  • Still, having itchy hands and palms could be irritating and bothersome. Constant itching can affect a person’s normal function because he/she has to stop whatever it is he/she is doing to scratch the itch.
  • Having these itchy body parts is caused by a number of factors – from outside or inside the body.

Itchy Palms Causes

  • It is always best to understand the causes of this problem. Understanding the causes will greatly help in the diagnosis of the possible underlying problem and in finding the right treatment.
  • The causes of this problem can be grouped into two – internal and external.
  • Internal causes
    • Chronic kidney failure can actually cause the patient to present palms that are constantly itchy. In fact, this symptom is one of the primary symptoms of the ailment.
    • Itchy palms are also caused by other medical conditions, including
      • HIV infection or AIDS
      • Crohn’s disease
      • Hypothyroidism
      • Hyperthyroidism
      • Malfunctioning body systems and organs
  • External causes
    • There are a number of external causes of this itchy condition. Some of these are
      • Contact dermatitis
      • Allergic reaction to medications, soaps, detergents, and food
      • Bacteria and other microorganisms that are found right under the skin of the palms

Itchy Palms Treatment

  • It is always important to understand what the underlying cause of the condition is. This will ensure that proper treatment can be provided as soon as possible so that it will not worsen.
  • Thus, the treatments for having itchy palms will depend on what the real cause of the problem.
  • For instance, if the itch is caused by an external factor such as bacteria, then topical antibacterial home remedies may be used.
  • If the itch is caused by an internal factor such as chronic kidney failure, then this problem should be solved first.

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