Symptoms of Itchy Skin With no Rash and Its Treatments

Itchy Skin with No Rash

If the itchy sensation is localized in one area, then it is easier to treat or know the cause. Like for example if the scalp is itchy, then one may have dandruff due to fungal infection. If the itchy sensation is felt all throughout the body, it may be caused by a systemic disease.

Anyhow, here is a list of some of the causes of itchy skin with no rash:

  • Dry skin. Most itchy skin without visible rash is caused by dry skin. Having a dry skin may be obvious through flaked, scaled and peeled skin. Dry skin can be caused by cold weather and lack of moisturizing.
  • Scabies infection. Scabies is caused by a microscopic organism, Sarcoptes scabiei. Itchiness is usually felt at night and the microorganism is easily spread to other people.
  • Poor blood circulation. Poor blood circulation, especially on the legs, can cause the skin to itch without rash. Poor blood circulation can cause dry skin which can result to itchy skin.
  • Iron deficiency. Iron is needed in the production of red blood cells, and when there is low red blood cell count, and then blood circulation is not as efficient as it should be.
  • Pregnancy. There are a lot of hormonal changes happening in pregnant woman’s body which can cause itchy skin. The usual itchy areas of a pregnant woman’s body include the abdomen and breast area.
  • Obstetric Cholestasis in pregnant women. Is a condition wherein there is bile-build-up in the blood of a pregnant woman. The excessive bile production is caused by the hormonal changes in a pregnant woman’s body.

Itchy Skin with No Rash Symptoms

Itchy skin with no rash is hard to diagnose. So here are some symptoms of itchy skin with no rash:

  • Itchy sensation without the presence of rash.
  • Dry, flaky and scaly skin. These are symptoms of dry skin.
  • Itchiness is not concentrated in one area of the body.

Itchy Skin with No Rash Treatment

It is hard to treat itchy skin without knowing the root cause. Anyhow here are some remedies that can lessen the itchiness:

  • Calamine lotions. These can give a quick relieve from itchiness no matter what caused the itchy sensation.
  • Never scratch the itchy portion. Scratching would only cause wounds and can even cause infection and scarring.
  • Applying ice on the itchy area. Ice can numb the nerves signaling the brain to stop the itchy sensation.
  • Avoid sweating and staying in a warm, humid environment. Sweat can aggravate the itchy sensation.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. Drinking plenty of fluids can improve blood circulation and prevent dry skin.

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