Advice on How to Effectively Stop Severe Anal Itching

The intensity of irritation depends upon the cause and in severe cases may result in burning and soreness which may also manifest in the form of difficult to sit and difficulty in walking. There are certain simple remedies and home based treatment options to manage the condition effectively.

Causes of Anal Itching

There are several factors that are responsible for anal itching.

Some of these factors include,

  • The most common cause of anal itching is irritation by the foods that are consumed. Itching and burning is often associated with increased consumption of peppers, spices and hot sauces
  • Anal itching is also associated with continuous exposure to moisture which may be caused due to diarrhea, incontinence of stools or excessive perspiration and sweating
  • Itching in the anus is also at times associated with the use of strong third generation antibiotics which are used for the treatment of yeast infections
  • Psoriasis, eczema or other forms of skin infection may also result in anal itching
  • Anal itching is also strongly associated with conditions like diabetes and HIV, due to reduced immune response to infections.
  • Local problems like anal skin fissures, hemorrhoids or skin tags may also be responsible for anal itching

Severe Anal Itching

Severe anal itching is observed in cases of pinworms in the stomach. Pinworm infection refers to the infection of the large intestine and the anal region with a white parasite called ‘enterobius vermicularis’. Also referred to as threadworms, these helmenths enter the individual’s body through the food that we consume and multiple within.

Estimates from the Disease Control and Prevention estimates that annually about 40 million people are infected by pinworms each year. Though the condition predominately affects toddlers and school going children, it may also affect adults.

Though severe anal itching is the most predominant symptom, some of the other symptoms associated with pinworm infection include loss of appetite, irritability and restlessness, sleeplessness and regular stomach upsets.

How to Stop Anal Itching Remedies and Treatment

The treatment to stop anal itching would depend upon the underlying cause; however there are some simple tips of hygiene and sanitation that can help reduce the itching.

  • Ensure that the anal region is always kept dry and clean. If required clean the anal area thoroughly while taking bath or after the passage of stools.
  • Don’t rub the anal area vigorously, instead gentle showering would be beneficial
  • Use moist pads like baby wipes or cleansing wipes instead to toilet paper

In addition to this use of oral anti-helmenths is recommended once in four to six months for recurrent episodes of anal itching. Though most of the individuals may respond to this basic home based treatment, in cases of itching due to other causes like hemorrhoids, fissures, etc, it is crucial to treat the primary cause to relieve the symptoms of anal itching.

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